Monday, 15 September 2014

Uptowngirldowntownboy || The Burger Factory

When burger joints just came out in KL, there were many of them that suddenly opened up and one of them was the Burger Factory at Subang Jaya SS15. (Please do not mistaken this for Burgertory, it's two different places and two different burger shops) 

They have quite a range burgers from beef to seafood to chicken and event vegan. And if you are into hotdogs, they have them too.
Price ranges from rm5.90 kiddie beef to rm18.90 Bacon Razor. Additional they have The Boss at RM25.90 and also the biggest burger in store 'sumo feast a.k.a champion' at RM49.90 #crazy
We ordered the mini combo set. Cause it was new and looks nice in photo... photo only!!
Looks nice right. But looks so plain and simple. With no side salad or anything. Doesnt look like the photo at all.
But lemme show you a comparison with my hand.
Wtf and I dont have a giant hand. If you know me, you know I have baby hands. So this shows how small these burgers are!! #cheatmyfeelings
Fatty took a bite and that was half of it. Does it taste good? I would say its alright. Not worth RM18.90 thats one thing I know.

Another thing to take note is that The Burger Factory is PORK FREE but they serve Beef bacon wtf. LOL. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Stop Victim Blaming

"Rape" should not be victim blaming on what she wore, where she went, or why didn't she fight back or kick his balls. Rape is rape. People should start pointing at the rapist and stop judging the victims.
Every time we focus on making girls and women individually responsible for avoiding rape, we lose the opportunity to address the systemic root problem.

I cam across an article on Facebook here, which discussed about the issue of anti-rape doesn't change the risk factor. There are many campaigns and awareness, news and articles regarding this rape issues, and mostly, it's only the women that stands out and of course, we get affected easily because we were once a victim ourselves, or our friends and families or even someone we know. Rape is a sexual assault which many cases result in victim blaming, making the victims themselves not wanting to stand out and many will hide, go into depression or even suicide. 

This is a really sad thing that is happening in our world currently, along with animal abusing and children beheading and all that many others that many of us are ignorant and not dealing with the main issue. I'm not saying which is worst, they are all equally bad. 

It is very traumatising for a girl and I am really lucky to be said that I did not have to go through that. Although I was almost.. once, when i was 15. But then i manage to run away and got away with only being sexually assaulted. It is not something I like to talk about and not something I want to talk about, and definitely not something I would want attention and be pitied from. But it's not nice. 

So stop victim blaming, and accept that reality is bad and we need to catch the bad guys. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

A minor heart attack 080914

“Today, someome hit my car from behind.”

Yes!!! I had a heart attack when I heard and felt it. It was so loud, who could have missed it??
I was coming out from a junction, I was stationed and stopped there for like maybe 1 min or 2. And suddenly BAMM!!! And my car slightly moved to the front.


Thats what I said and thought. Immediately I looked around..took my phone fown with me and have a look. Before I could even see the 'damage' to my car. The lady got down and was frantic with worries and applogizing.

Before I could bend to see. She kept apologizing saying she didnt see my car and it was an accident and shes at fault and shes really sorry about it.

Im like omggggg. Lemme see first lah!

She was so worried to the extend she held my arm while apologizing. Then she let go and was frowning and touched her head. Wanted to hold me but I guess I didnt have a friendly face. Well, I didnt have my shades on and I was annoyed at the sun..

Luckily, there was nothing..

“No dent. No scratches. No bump. Nothing.”

I wad like omg!!! So lucky!!! Of course I double checked like three times walking around in circles!! Then I smiled to her and said its okay. Touch her arm to reassure her its okay.

She kept asking me "ok a? Im so sorry. Im so sorry. Sorry. Im so sorry. Really ok ?? Thank u!! And so sorry!!"

She looked like she was about to cry..

And oh ya!! Shes about 40 years old malay modern mom.

I didnt see why I had to hold any grudge or scream at her. It was just that my heart was beating really fast because I was shocked and surprised. But I was trying to calm myself down. I kept telling myself there will be a way.
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